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Winter Services
Commercial & Residential
Snow Plowing
Salt and Sand Applications
Our firewood is dry, seasoned, split and sold by the cord or half cord. Delivery is included to the local Merrimack Valley area. We have a range of sizes to fit your fireplace or wood stove. Stock up in the fall so you can be ready for the winter to come. 
Snow Removal Suggestions:
The following are some steps you can take to ensure you get the best snow removal possible and help to avoid any issues.

*Label your house number on your mailbox
*When snow is expected, park cars in garage if you have 
*If you do not have a garage, park all cars together in the 
  driveway as close to the house as possible to free up the 
  rest of the driveway to be plowed
*If snow comes on your trash day, remove any empty 
  trash barrels and covers from the end of the driveway
  if you are home
*Before everything freezes, remove planting and flowering
  boxes off driveway and walkways
*Try to install driveway markers 12 feet apart on 
*Especially mark curved areas, corners of driveway, and any 
  sprinkler heads

Snow Removal Pricing:
Pricing for snow plowing varies depending on the size of the driveway you have. Pricing is a flat rate per storm up to 8". Storms 8"-12" are the flat rate price x 1.5, 12"-16" x2 and so on with increments of 4" as it takes more time and wear on the trucks to plow more snow. Shoveling and Salt and Sand Applications also vary depending on the size of the driveway. Free estimates are available.