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After another New England winter, it is now time to awaken your lawn and planting beds, along with sweeping off winter sand. Our efficient spring cleanup crews are ready to clean up, spruce up and stimulate your house and lawn to really make it stand out. 

De-thatching is a great way to start to awaken your lawn. Heavy or thick lawn thatch (if left untreated) can start to deteriorate your lawn because it will stop water and any healthy nutrients from getting down to the roots of the lawn. This can cause dead areas, brown spotting and could stop the grass from being able to grow to its full potential. 

If you do any type of fertilizing, thatch can also stop the fertilizer from penetrating the lawn and getting down to the roots. It is best to de-thatch before you start your fertilizing program. 

After all the snow this winter, it is also a good time to prune back and cut any broken branches from trees and shrubs. 

For more information on de-thatching or to set up an appointment to have this done for your lawn, call or email us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.